OK, so what is it really like to stay at the Abalonia Inn? Ya know, it really depends what you are looking to do. But for us it is about creating an experience for you to add to your memories.

Some guests just want to hang out in the toasty salt water pool.


Some guest just want to sit with a glass of wine by the fire pit.


Some guests just don’t know how to relax (like me J ) , so they surf, bike, pick apples, leaf peep, or drive around in fancy cars!


Remember, we always have Sangria Saturdays, and fresh batches of cookies are often in the work. Umm, so there is always eating J !


Some guests like to totally chill out and be, well, a little antisocial and more romantic. We are OK with that! Read a book by the fire pit, or enjoy one of the many quiet spots around the property.

Or you can be more social and hang out with other guests!


Or, if you get really bored, you can hang our with one of the innkeepers!


                         Repeat guests will have to clean the pool. 🙂                                                                                       Family is not immune from having to clean rooms! 

Special thanks to our repeat guests!


Some Additional History

The Abalonia has recently been completed renovated with every effort given to keeping the historical charm.  We raised the ceilings in the rooms to expose the original posts and beams.  We found two hidden staircases, documents hidden in the walls from the 1800’s, and old oil paintings of the Ogunquit Shipyard. We were like kids in a candy store!

Back in the early 1800’s, the Abalonia and the surrounding 12 acres were owned by the one of the founding families of Ogunquit – the Maxwells.  Barak Maxwell was the richest, most influential man in Ogunquit. Before the American Civil War he was heavily invested in shipbuilding and the rum/molasses trade with Cuba. Captain Maxwell held several world records for the shortest time for ocean crossings.


Abalonia  268 Main Street  Ogunquit, ME 03907 

We are located right in the center of Ogunquit.  Get door to door directions