Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made 2 weeks prior to arrival are guaranteed a refund less a $35 cancellation fee per room. If less than 2 weeks’ notice is given you will be responsible for the entire reservation. Cancellations must be confirmed by Abalonia. “No shows” will be charged for the entire reserved stay. There are no refunds for early departure.


It is kinda a bummer. You want to book far enough in advance to get a room, but if you book too far in advance, you might need to cancel or change your reservation. We get that.

We don’t want you to cancel. But, we also don’t want you to feel like we are taking advantage of your cancellation, so we offer some advice. The first is potentially getting trip cancellation insurance. Yeah, it’s kinda expensive, but it does help you if you need to cancel in the future. Secondly, something we just learned about is posting your reservation for sale on a discount website, such as cancelon. On this site, and others like it, you can post your cancellation and hope that someone else will fill the vacancy. Lastly, the best advice for what you can do – is try to cancel as early as possible!

What the Abalonia can do for you is above and beyond what anybody else in Ogunquit will do. After we contact people on our wait list, we post the vacancy on our social media outlets. We then post the reservation on Online Travel Agent’s websites. We can offer discounts to get the room sold. All we want to do is get the room resold, so we can get some money back to you.

We looked around at all the other hotels in Ogunquit, and found most have really, really restrictive cancellation policies. We only charge a $35 cancellation fee if you cancel outside of 14 days. That is the least expensive we have seen in Ogunquit, as all we really want to do is cover our costs. We charge for the full reservation within 14 days because when you made the reservation, we blocked the room for you, turning away other guests – many repeat. So, we do our best to re-rent the room and rarely have to charge the full stay.

The Abalonia really tries to work with our customers and be as transparent as possible. We can only do that if you book directly with us. When you book through a third party ‘discount’ site, you must work directly with them under their terms and conditions. You cannot cancel a reservation that you made through them by calling us directly.

You won’t see this type of policy on any other site in Ogunquit. Customer service is so important to us and we hope it shows!